Lose Fast Weight Tips: 7 science-based hacks to shed pounds.

Lose Fast Weight Tips

Do you want to lose a few kilograms quickly but have consistently failed so far? So do many others. If people want to lose weight as soon as possible, they often have ravenous hunger attacks, which are ineffective and make weight loss more difficult.


But don’t worry, with the following weight loss tips, it is possible to lose fat quickly. Of course, you shouldn’t expect miracles like 10 kilos in 3 weeks. With a targeted diet and sufficient exercise, you can still quickly lose a few kilograms of body fat.


This article will show you seven quick weight loss tips that will help you lose fat. According to the studies cited, our advice is science-based and has been proven to help you lose weight faster and easier.

Lose Weight Fast Tip #1: Fewer carbs, more lean protein sources

While it’s true that cutting calories are the quickest way to achieve success, the nutrients you eat make a difference. You get energy in the form of fat, carbohydrates and protein. While protein and carbs have the same number of calories, you should eat more protein when trying to lose weight for the following reasons.


  • Protein fills you up best.

The fact of the matter is that protein is the most satiating macronutrient. That means you’ll feel more. Full from eating protein compared to the same number of calories from carbohydrates. If you are full longer, it will be easier for you to save calories, and you will lose weight quickly. ( 1, 2 )


  • Protein prevents muscle breakdown when you lose weight.

A common problem with rapid weight loss is that muscle mass is lost. However, this is a significant disadvantage because the musculature tightens the body on the one hand and is a metabolically active mass on the other. This means that muscle is a tissue that uses energy. The less muscle you have, the less toned your body looks and the less energy you use. This makes it very difficult to continue losing weight and maintaining the target weight and can promote the yo-yo effect. ( 3 )


Adequate protein intake can protect you from losing valuable muscle mass. ( 4 )


The German Society for Nutrition recommends 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. However, it has been discussed whether this recommendation is not too low when losing weight. Especially if you are active in sports and drink enough, as a healthy person, you can also take in up to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of ideal weight and will have significant advantages. ( 5 )


  • These are the best lean protein sources for weight loss
  • Poor dairy products, such as low-fat quark, low-fat Greek yoghurt, skyr, cottage cheese, …


  • Lean meats such as beef tenderloin, chicken breast, lean minced beef, ham, …


  • fish


  • Legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, beans, …


  • eggs


Lose Weight Fast Tip #2: Lots of unprocessed foods and no junk foods

Sure, if you’re in a calorie deficit, you’ll also lose weight with burgers, pizza, and ready meals. However, this will make it harder for you to lose weight, and your health will also suffer.


It is the case that heavily processed foods contain very few micronutrients, i.e. vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. But you need them to stay fit and healthy. Especially when losing weight, it is essential to use fresh, nutrient-rich food since you generally consume fewer calories, but the micronutrient intake must remain the same.

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It is better to use unprocessed foods and prepare most of your food yourself when losing weight. Build plenty of fruit, vegetables and more long-chain carbohydrates, say whole grain products or legumes, in your diet. This increases the fibre content of your food, making your meals much more filling. ( 6 )


Finished products and junk food usually provide very little fibre. As a result, you are not correctly full, and you will probably eat more of it. It is, therefore, better for your health and your weight loss to eat meals made from unprocessed, fresh food.


Lose Weight Fast Tip #3: Count Calories

Counting calories isn’t for everyone, but it’s practical and helpful, especially when losing weight. It helps get a feel for food and portion sizes, especially in the beginning. You then know which foods are very high in calories and can therefore eat them less frequently.


As you probably already know, the only way to lose weight is through a calorie deficit. Once you calculate your calorie needs and then write down the exact calories you eat, you can accurately estimate how much weight you will lose. This will help you keep a good overview of your weight loss.


You can find detailed instructions on calculating your energy requirements and other tips on counting calories on Delicious Weight Loss.


Lose weight fast Tip #4: strength training and jogging

Exercising will help you immensely in losing weight quickly. This is how you burn calories to expand your calorie deficit and lose fat faster. Of course, you can save some calories with an adapted diet. However, it makes sense to achieve an even higher debt through sport.

An enormously influential combination for losing weight is strength training and jogging. Strength training strengthens your muscles and prevents them from being broken down. As we discussed earlier, this is very important during a diet because your muscles use up energy. ( 7 ) While weight training doesn’t burn that many calories, it does mean that you’ll burn more calories for some time after your workout. ( 8 )


You can complement the benefits of strength training very well with jogging. Jogging consumes a lot of calories and is therefore perfect for losing weight. ( 9 )


So if you incorporate regular strength training and jogging into your sports routine, you have a perfect basis for rapid weight loss. With us, you will find a plan for losing weight by jogging. We’ve also created some crunchy workouts for you, like this bikini workout or an abs workout, if you need some inspiration. You can also find more exercises and training plans in our fitness category.


Lose weight fast Tip #5: Include lots of low-calorie foods in your diet plan

If you have a high-calorie deficit, you need to lose weight quickly, and you will experience increased hunger and cravings. But not if you eat your fill of the right foods.


Some foods give you lots of bulk or fibre but few calories. They help you to stay full without unnecessarily burdening your calorie account. ( 10 )


To help you know which foods this applies to, check out our list of 33 low-calorie foods.


If you include these foods in your diet more often, it will be much easier for you to lose weight, and you can achieve quick success.


Lose weight quickly. Tip #6: Stay active even outside of sports

Even if a mark is significant for quick weight loss, you should still not forget to move as much as possible. It is often underestimated what effects everyday exercise can have on fat loss.

If you have a sedentary job in an office, you will probably move far less during the day than, for example, a construction worker on the construction site all day. Logically, a construction worker has a far higher calorie consumption than a person who sits all the time.


Studies also show that increased everyday activity is very beneficial for weight loss because it burns some calories without much effort. ( 11 ) So the motto is: move more in everyday life and sports.


Of course, people with a sedentary job have it a little more complex, but it is also possible to increase activity throughout the day. With the following tips, you will undoubtedly be able to increase your calorie consumption through simple everyday exercise.


  • Walk short distances

So always take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off one station earlier and walk the rest, or park your car a few blocks away from the office.


  • Consciously get up in between and walk a few steps

If possible, you could get up now and then in your office and walk around a bit. Make phone calls while roaming, deliver internal messages in person, or get your coffee from a machine further away. Here you can get creative and use every opportunity for movement.


  • Go for brisk walks

If you have a few minutes in between, use them for a brisk walk in the fresh air. This pushes your calorie consumption and also makes you mentally fit again.


  • Buy a fitness tracker to count your steps.

The small devices can be very motivating to reach the daily step goal. Certain apps even let you duel friends to see who gets more steps. This, too, can be a fun way to increase activity in everyday life.


Lose weight fast Tip #7: No or only low-calorie snacks

Many people habit eating little at main meals; after all, they want to lose weight quickly. But they keep eating snacks in between because they are not full enough.


The many snacks add up a few calories throughout the day, which is often quite underestimated.


Especially if you want to lose weight, it is a good idea to eat your fill for the main meals and not eat any snacks. If you still feel you need something between meals, limit yourself to one low-calorie snack a day.


Lose Fast Weight Tips



With a few tips and tricks, losing weight quickly is a problem. As already mentioned, you shouldn’t expect miracles because you didn’t gain the excess pounds overnight.


However, it is possible to lose some weight in a short period. You can find plenty of recipes for losing weight on Delicious Weight Loss. Focus on many exercises, targeted sports and a balanced, calorie-reduced diet that still fills you up and tastes good.


If you go through the whole thing for a few weeks, you will soon see the first changes. I wish you much success!


Love, Nazmul

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