Leg workout at home – The three best exercises for women

The legs are one of the most common problem areas for women. But with practical leg training that includes sensible exercises, you can also tighten them up at home.

The following fitness challenge will ensure that you lose weight in the thigh and get slim, toned legs.

In total, our leg challenge lasted 28 days. The exercises always remain the same, but the intensity has increased slightly from today.

In addition to training, you should, of course, also optimize your diet, as it directly affects fat loss.

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Our leg training for at home at a glance

The graphic below gives you a good overview of our leg challenge.

Just bookmark this article or download the photo below to your smartphone.

So you always have the training plan at hand and can complete the exercises at home within a few minutes.

Under the training plan, you will also find essential tips for the correct execution of the exercises.

Exercise 1: Squats

An effective leg workout without squats? This is possible but only makes sense under exceptional circumstances.

Squats train the front and rear thigh muscles and the outside and inside of the legs. This makes them the perfect all-around exercise for anyone who wants to make the fastest possible progress in the shortest possible time.


How to perform this exercise:

1.) Stand shoulder-width apart or a little wider and make sure that your feet are at the same level. Stretch your arms straight out in front.


2.) Initiate the downward movement by bending your knees and, at the same time, pushing your hips back a little.

3.)Squat down until you have at least a 90-degree angle between your upper and lower leg. Then you initiate the upward movement. The upward trend can be more explosive, while the downward movement should be carried out more slowly.


4.) As soon as your legs are straight, you can start with the next repetition. Always make sure that your entire spine remains in a neutral position. So you should neither have a hunched back nor a hollow solid back.

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Exercise 2: lunges


After completing the squats, we dedicate ourselves to the so-called lunges. This exercise puts a lot of strain on your buttocks and your thighs.

Note that the number of repetitions for the lunges is indicated per side. For example, on the first day, do five reps on the right leg and five reps on the left leg.

This is how you make the lunges correctly at home:

1.) Stand on a solid surface and take a medium step forward with your right or left foot.

2.) Bend your front foot until your back knee touches the floor. The knee should only touch the ground lightly and not hit the ground suddenly.

3.) Push yourself back up with the front foot. Make sure that you mainly push from the heel. This means that you hit the thighs and the buttocks optimally.


Exercise 3: Sumo squats

The sumo squat got its name because this exercise involves standing as wide-legged as a sumo wrestler.

Compared to regular squats, the inner thighs are put under much more strain. It is a perfect exercise for women, as they often see the inner thighs as a problem area.

This is how the execution of the sumo squat works:

1.) Choose an extensive stance on a firm surface. It would be best if you stood much broader here than with regular squats but not do splits.

2.) Squat by pushing your knees outward and pushing your hips back slightly. Kind of like sitting down in a chair.

3.) As soon as you have an angle of 90 degrees between your upper and lower leg, you can start the upward movement. The downward trend should also be completed much more slowly than the upward movement.

4.) If you feel an intense stretch before reaching 90 degrees, then it’s okay to not squat so hard. However, some additional stretching would be appropriate here to increase the range of motion.


Adjust the leg training to your level of performance

Depending on how fit you are, our leg challenge may be too challenging or too easy for you. Of course, it may also be that it corresponds precisely to your level of performance.

Everyone should be able to do the first few units without prior training. Then, as the workout gets more intense, you can adjust the reps down a bit if you feel like it’s too demanding.

If you already have training experience, you are welcome to increase the number of repetitions a little.

Note here, however, that the last units are already quite intense. For example, in the 20th unit, 48 squats, 14 lunges per side, and 26 sumo squats are performed in a row.



Our 28-day leg challenge is the perfect leg workout to do at home. We have chosen the exercises to ideally shape the female body and ensure taut legs.

Do you have any questions about the challenge? Then leave a comment now!

Otherwise, all I can say is: let’s go! Complete the challenge, make sure you eat healthy simultaneously, and then you will surely see success.


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