Intermittent Fasting Tips: Lose weight fast with these six fat loss hacks

Intermittent Fasting Tips: Lose weight fast with these six fat loss hacks

If there’s one way to lose weight fast, it’s intermittent fasting.

The fasting phase not only makes you feel much fitter. Achieving a high-calorie deficit is much more manageable, which is the essential requirement for rapid fat loss.

In this post, I will show you six intermittent fasting tips that you can use to achieve even faster results.

Some of these are tips that come directly from the inventor of intermittent fasting, Martin Berkhan. But sometimes, it’s also my own experiences and reports from people in our Facebook group.


Intermittent Fasting Tip #1: Use Martin Berkhan’s original protocol

Only in recent years has intermittent fasting experienced a hype in German-speaking countries. But it’s been around much longer.


For example, I’ve been working on it myself for nine years because I became aware of Martin Berkhan, the inventor of 16 by 8, early on.


When Martin was writing his Intermittent Fasting Guide, he provided various protocols.


The original protocol was:

  • Midnight: End of fasting phase and most significant meal of the day (40 to 50 percent of daily calorie intake)


  • 4:00 p.m.: Small meal (20 percent of daily caloric intake)


  • 8 p.m.: Last meal of the day (30 to 40 percent of daily caloric intake)


Why this tip can help you:

People often report that they are the most hungry after fasting. However, many eat their largest meal in the evening.

This only makes it difficult for you, and tends to eat more snacks.

Overall, this cannot meet your calorie goal and make slower progress.

You should try Martin Berkhan’s original intermittent fasting protocol if that applies to you. It is also highly recommended in other respects since the body needs the most nutrients after fasting.


Intermittent fasting tip #2: Strength training on an empty stomach

The log above is not entirely complete.

Because Martin Berkhan has always combined interval fasting with strength training.

This combination is sometimes the most effective thing you can do to lose weight.

Strength training will tone your body and burn more calories. In addition, fasting strength training boosts autophagy incredibly, which increases the health effects of fasting.


How to use this tip:

In any case, make sure that sober training is good for you.

For example, I have the same strength on an empty stomach as on a previous meal.

However, there are people for whom sober strength training is nothing at all. The fasting phase makes you feel relatively weak, and you cannot perform as well.

Therefore, test with a relaxed unit whether you feel comfortable with it.

Otherwise, it would help if you relied on a short but intense unit for sober strength training.

I complete a whole-body training plan, which the training takes around 45 minutes.

Make sure that you mainly do basic exercises and adapt the training to your level of performance.


Lose belly fat with intermittent fasting

Even if you want to lose belly fat in a targeted manner, you cannot avoid strength training.

Check out this guide to learn how to combine intermittent fasting with strength training and cardio to target problem areas effectively.


Intermittent fasting tip #3: Sober walk

Strength training not for you? No problem!

You can go for a walk on an empty stomach, which will ensure that you burn more calories and lose weight faster.

Yesterday, I read that the average person only takes 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day.

That is far too little!

You always want to keep your energy expenditure high when losing weight. Taking lots of steps is one of the best strategies for burning more calories. In addition, it also promotes health.

Especially during the fasting phase, it can also happen that you get cold hands or cold feet.

Our body takes care of this. After all, it wants to save as much energy as possible because it thinks that a period of hunger is approaching.

A walk can counteract this because it promotes blood circulation.


How to use this tip:

As long as you are healthy and have no limitations, you should take 10,000 steps a day.

This means you burn a few hundred extra calories per day. Over the weeks, this then ensures a much faster fat loss.


Intermittent Fasting Tip #4: Speed ​​Day with a more extended fasting phase

Do you want to ignite the weight loss turbo because a significant event or vacation is coming soon?

Then so-called Speed ​​Days can be just the right thing for you.

You add a day each week when you fast longer and eat fewer calories.

The consequence?

A faster fat loss since this increases your calorie deficit.


What you have to keep in mind with this tip:

A more extended fasting phase is not suitable for everyone.

So it may well be that this strategy is not suitable for you.

However, if you’ve lasted longer than 16 hours in the past, it shouldn’t be a problem.

On this day, pay special attention to eating enough protein, essential fats, fruits, and vegetables. Adequate intake of micronutrients, fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids should always be ensured.


Intermittent fasting tip #5: Carbonated mineral water

Drinking enough is one of the essential irregular fasting rules for quick success.

If you often struggle with hunger during the fasting phase, try carbonated water.

The carbon dioxide stretches the stomach more. This, in turn, ensures that a signal is sent to the brain that simulates saturation.


Intermittent fasting tip #6: Black coffee for more autophagy and less hunger

Coffee is a natural hunger killer and can be used to get through the fasting phase better.

This reduces the risk of cravings and destroying your calorie deficit while fasting.

Since 0 calories are best absorbed during the fasting phase, you should drink your coffee black.

Coffee also has the positive effect of increasing autophagy during intermittent fasting. In addition, it provides various antioxidants and may have a liver-protective effect.


What you should consider with this tip

Not everyone gets coffee on an empty stomach.

Of course, if it causes you stomach pain or other side effects, you shouldn’t drink it.



If you use these intermittent fasting tips, you will see faster results. Some of the information can also increase the health effects of fasting.

Did you already know these tricks, or will you use them from now on to get better results?

Leave a comment now, even if you have questions or other tips for other readers.

See you soon, and best regards, Lukas and the delicious weight loss team.


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