Diet Tips: These seven tricks ensure quick success without significant changes

Diet Tips: These seven tricks ensure quick success without significant changes

Diet Tips

Many people resort to radical diets when trying to lose weight. The reasoning behind this is that the quickest way to lose weight is strictly changing your eating habits. But that often backfires.


For one thing, radical diets are usually not healthy. In addition, many people find it challenging to stick to strict dietary rules over the long term and over time, they fall back into old patterns and gain weight again. With our diet tips and tricks, this will not happen to you.


It’s often the little things that make you lose weight faster. In this article, you will learn seven tricks to help you lose weight without making any significant changes. Since you don’t have to change your entire lifestyle at once, you’ll find it easier to stick with these habits. With the diet tips from Tasty Weight Loss, fat loss will be more effortless for you and weight loss more sustainable.

Diet Tip #1: Listen to the feeling of hunger

As obvious as this tip may sound, in reality, many people have already forgotten how to listen to their feeling of hunger. People usually eat for many other reasons, such as boredom, frustration, appetite or because it is mealtime. As a result, the calories consumed naturally add up, and you eat more than your actual calorie requirement.


That’s why it’s all the more important to pay more attention to your feeling of hunger and to distinguish between appetite and real hunger. It can sometimes be quite tricky, especially if you haven’t paid attention to your wish for a long time. But there are a few tricks you can use to relearn your personal feeling of hunger.


  • Deliberate breaks between meals

One of the main reasons many people no longer have a natural feeling of hunger is that they constantly eat between meals. There will hardly be any real hunger if the stomach is always full.


So really try not to eat anything for a long time, i.e., have larger intervals between meals. Then your stomach will report quite reliably after a few hours, and you can feel what real hunger feels like.

  • Be aware of hunger.

Hunger manifests itself differently in everyone. However, typical signs are an empty feeling in the stomach, stomach growling, slight irritability, pulling in the stomach and throat.


So if you’re feeling these and similar signs after a long break from eating, there’s a good chance you’re physically hungry and should eat something.



  • Before each meal, ask yourself why you want to eat it

With every meal, even if it’s just a piece of fruit, ask yourself: Am I eating that because I’m hungry? This way, you will quickly become aware of how often you eat for other reasons.


Incidentally, it is easy to distinguish between appetite and hunger: You often need a particular food, for example, when you walk past a bakery, and the smell of bread rolls smells good. On the other hand, if you are starving, you usually don’t care what food you eat, as long as you can satisfy your hunger pangs.


Diet Tip #2: Avoid all high-calorie beverages

It is often underestimated how many calories drinks can provide. However, soft drinks such as cola or other lemonades often contain around 40 to 50 calories per 100 millilitres. So if you drink a large bottle of lemonade (1.5 litres) throughout the day, you will already be consuming around 700 calories. You could eat a full meal for that.




The situation is similar with fruit juices, smoothies and so on. While these drinks are healthy, many are high in fructose and have the same calorie content as soft drinks.

Remember that liquid calories are not filling and do not help you in your diet. So it’s better to save those calories and eat your fill of high-quality foods.


The best thirst quencher is and remains water. You can drink this anytime. If that gets boring for you, you should check out our article on the best drinks for losing weight, where you’re sure to find one or two tasty alternatives.




Diet Tip #3: Try new recipes for more variety

If you have been on a diet for a long time, it often happens that you eat the same thing repeatedly. Of course, this gets boring over time, and it becomes increasingly difficult to stick to the diet. It would help if you were willing to experiment in the kitchen and try out many new healthy recipes.


A healthy, slightly reduced-calorie diet does not have to be monotonous. There are plenty of recipes suitable for a diet and taste incredibly delicious. With various dishes, losing weight doesn’t get boring, and it’s much easier for you to stay in a calorie deficit.


If you are missing ideas for new recipes, look at our fitness recipes or low carb recipes. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for if you want to cook delicious diet dishes.

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Diet tip #4: Eat lean dairy products

Lean milk products are effective little helpers when it comes to losing weight. Several studies have proven that the increased consumption of low-fat dairy products such as yoghurt, low-fat quark, skyr and similar foods can lead to faster weight loss. ( 1, 2 )



That’s no wonder; after all, these products provide few calories but still fill you up, primarily due to the high protein content. But we will go into more detail about this later in the article.

So, to fuel fat loss, try to include more lean dairy in your diet. This works particularly well at breakfast: yoghurt, low-fat quark or skyr give you an excellent start to the day. You get a delicious, filling breakfast that does not provide many calories with fruit and some oatmeal or nuts.


However, lean dairy products are ideal as a filling snack between meals. How about a quark raspberry cream, for example? A mug of cottage cheese with herbs would also make a savoury snack.


You can also find more delicious recipes with lean dairy products here on Delicious Weight Loss:


  • Skyr Kaiserschmarrn


  • Chocolate coconut cream with low-fat quark


  • Cottage cheese casserole with raspberries


  • Cottage Cheese Salad


  • Low carb vegetable casserole



Diet tip #5: Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a popular weight-loss method that has become increasingly popular. Because intermittent fasting can help you lose weight and have other positive effects on your health. ( 3 )

Intermittent fasting is helpful when trying to lose weight because you only have a particular time window per day to eat. The rest of the time, you fast. That means you only consume calorie-free liquid.


With 16:8 intermittent fasting, you have 8 hours to eat your meals. So if you eat from midnight, you should eat until 8:00 p.m. Of course, this will help you save calories. For example, if you eat a larger meal at lunchtime and again in the evening, you are usually already very full and do not need another meal.


However, keep in mind that you always need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Even in an 8-hour eating window, you can still be consuming more calories than you should through excess fat, sugary drinks, etc. So always keep an eye on your calorie intake.


If you want to learn more about the topic, look at our detailed intermittent fasting guide. You will find some helpful information about different methods and how to carry them out.


Diet tip #6: Don’t buy light products

Light products are often marketed very opaquely. Light usually means that the product’s fat content, for example, a fruit yoghurt, is reduced. This means that the yoghurt has the same calories as the full-fat product. But it is usually the case that the yoghurt contains more sugar to improve the missing taste.


Nevertheless, it is often thought that light products are much more suitable for losing weight because you can save calories with them. This may also be the case with some products. However, the term “light” suggests that you can eat more of it; after all, the products are supposed to be lower in calories. In the end, however, you usually end up with a more significant amount of energy overall.


So when it comes to losing weight, it is better to use everyday products and eat products high in sugar and fat more sparingly and with a lot of pleasure. Low-fat products that make sense, however, are lean dairy products. You have already read why in Diet Tip #4.


Diet tip #7: Include enough protein in every meal

This diet tip is recommended for losing weight. For one thing, protein is the macronutrient that fills you up the most. If you eat more protein, you are fuller overall and more easily achieve a calorie deficit. ( 4, 5 )


In addition, an adequate protein intake during the diet helps you to maintain your muscle mass. If you eat too little protein, you may lose muscle mass. But that would be bad because you use more energy with more muscle mass and can therefore lose weight better. ( 6 ). So your goal during the diet should be to preserve your muscles as much as possible.


Make sure you include a source of protein with every meal. If you don’t know which foods are high in protein, that’s no problem. You will find what you are looking for in our list of the most protein-rich foods.




Losing weight can sometimes be quite tricky. This is especially true if you change your eating habits too quickly. This can result in falling back into old patterns.


On the other hand, with our diet tips, you only have to change small things and let them become a habit. You can lose weight faster and lose weight better with just minor changes without working particularly hard.


Do you know any other habits that help you lose weight? Tell us about it in the comments.


Kind regards, Nazmul


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