Bikini Bootcamp: Get a beach figure with this 28-day bikini workout.

Bikini Bootcamp: Get a beach figure with this 28-day bikini workout.

Summer is coming, and it’s high time for our free bikini Bootcamp.

This is a fitness challenge that consists of effective workouts.

In addition to strength training, nutrition is also optimized to reduce fat and build muscle.

With this combination, the Bikini Bootcamp tightens the body, achieving an excellent shape for the beach.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Here we go!


The 28 Day Bikini Bootcamp Challenge at a glance

Each workout in the Bikini Bootcamp consists of three basic practical exercises that specifically target the abdomen, legs, and buttocks.

We start with low intensity and increase it a little every day.

The three exercises can quickly be completed with a yoga mat at home or on the go.

Below you will find the training plan for our Bikini Bootcamp. I will then explain the correct execution of the individual exercises in the sections below.

Just bookmark this post so you can access the training plan with just one click to complete your workout.


Squats: The first exercise of the bikini workout

Squats were also the first exercise in our Slim Legs Challenge.

And with good reason: Hardly any other exercise trains the legs and buttocks so intensively.

Since many other muscles are also used when squatting, the calorie consumption is also very high.

This is how the correct execution of squats works:

1.) Stand barefoot and slightly wider than shoulder-width on a solid surface. Make sure that your feet are precisely at the same height. Toes should be turned slightly outwards.

2.) Initiate the downward movement by pushing your butt back slightly and bending your knees simultaneously. Always make sure that your back stays straight.

3.) Squat down until your hip joint is slightly below your knees.

4.) As soon as you reach this point, you initiate the upward movement. Make sure you’re pushing from your heel and midfoot.

5.) The upward movement is over as soon as your legs are almost entirely straight. Now you can do the next squat.


One leg hip thrusts for a tight butt

Slim legs and a firm bottom: they belong together.

That’s why we do so-called one-legged hip thrusts after the squats. In German, this exercise is also known as a one-legged bridge.

The bottom is trained highly effectively. In addition, the lower back, hamstrings, and various supporting muscles are also involved.


How to perform single-leg hip thrusts:

1.) Lie down on a soft surface and bend one leg slightly so that the sole of your foot is firmly on the ground.

2.) Extend the other leg, so it is in the air.

3.) Now push yourself up with your raised leg until your hips are stretched out. Ensure that you tighten the respective buttocks firmly but not overstretch your hip joint.

4.) Hold the position briefly and then initiate the downward movement. As soon as your bottom touches the mat again, you can do the following upward trend.


Plank: The finisher for our bikini workout

We complete the so-called forearm support at the end of each training session, also known as a plank.

When planks, the abdomen and the rest of the trunk muscles are heavily used and strengthened.

However, this exercise is not performed for repetitions but a certain number of seconds. At the end of the Bikini Bootcamp, you can already plank for 75 seconds, which is quite a good achievement.

This is how the execution of the forearm support works:

1.) Kneel on a yoga mat, slowly lean forward and position your elbows directly under your shoulder joint.

2.) Be sure to pull your shoulder blades down and build tension. Your upper body should not hang in the shoulder joint.

3.) Tiptoe behind you as if you were doing push-ups.

4.)Tighten your stomach and core muscles and ensure you don’t sag.

5.) Keep the tension active for the specified number of seconds.

Nutrition plan for bikini boot camp

You can exercise as much as you want, but you won’t achieve fat loss if your diet isn’t proper.

You need to maintain a reasonable calorie deficit daily, eat plenty of protein, and eat a healthy diet.

The following three methods have proven themselves for this:

1.) You use a ready-made nutrition plan

A ready-made meal plan is the easiest way to lose fat.

Because you don’t have to count calories every day, you have to prepare and eat the respective dishes.

2.) You create your nutrition plan

Of course, you can also create your nutrition plan, which you then follow.

The advantage of a self-created nutrition plan is that it is even more precisely tailored to you and your taste.

The creation is much more complex and requires good knowledge of nutrition.

3.) Count calories daily

You can lose weight without counting calories.

If you want to achieve an impressive before and after transformation in 28 days, you should put up with the extra work.

Because there’s no question that counting calories are an extremely accurate way to lose fat.

Because if you’re not losing weight, 99% of the time, you’re consuming too many calories.

Apps like MyFitnessPal or FDDB are ideal for counting.

Achieve even faster success with the Bikini Bootcamp

The following strategies can help you achieve even more immediate results with the Bikini Bootcamp.

However, always consider your level of performance and make sure that you get enough regeneration.

Additional cardio training

You can do two to three easy cardio sessions every week to burn even more calories.

Sports such as jogging or cycling are perfect for this.

Note, however, that these training sessions are more regenerative. Only strength training should be intense.

Additional exercises

If you already have experience in strength training, you can add one to three exercises to the training plan.

4 habits that slow down your metabolism when you lose weight

The following exercises would be ideal for this:

  • Lunges to work your legs and butt even more.
  • Push-ups to tone your arms and upper body.
  • Lying leg raises to train the abdomen actively.


Make the training more intense.

Alternatively, advanced users can increase the reps on squats and hip thrusts.

The duration of planks can also be increased.

Beginners who have not yet had any training experience should do precisely the opposite, depending on their level of performance, i.e., start a little more easily.



Our Bikini Bootcamp Challenge uses practical strength training to ensure that you lose weight quickly and tone your body.

Are you in?

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If you have any questions or feedback about our 28-Day Bikini Bootcamp, leave a comment now.

Best regards, and see you soon, the delicious weight loss team.

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